May 13th:

Outshine new album "The Awakening is out now! Go get it here:

In the veins of despair, melancholy and darkness here is Outshine┬┤s new album "The Awakening".


Outshine release a new single "Nightcall"!


The melancholy and gloomy single "Nightcall" marks the first step towards the darker version of Outshine. As big fans of noir & melancholy movies and styles from the 1980ies "Nightcall" was a perfect fit to start the new era. The original song by Kavinsky is featured in the iconic movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. The single is the first step towards a new album set to be released 2020. Check it on Spotify here:

Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc here: