June 6th:

New US tour booked! Outshine is heading back to the US in July and are doing 4 showcase shows.

July 19th Champs - Sheboygan, WI

July 20th McAuliffes - Racine, WI

July 21st Nashville North - Milwaukee, WI w/ Black Belt Theatre & Carbellion

July 22nd The Back Bar - Janesville, WI

July 15th:

Outshine The Awakening US Tour

July 24th 2022 - Sundance Saloon, Sheboygan, WI - USA

July 23th 2022 - Paulie´s Pub, Milwaukee, WI - USA

July 22th 2022 - Metal Monkey Brewery, Romeoville, IL - USA

July 21th 2022 - Oddfellow´s Lounge, Janesville, WI - USA

July 20th 2022 - Milton, WI - USA

July 19th 2022 - George´s Tavern, Racine, WI - USA

July 17th 2022 - Caledonia, WI - USA

July 16th 2022 - Fat Cow, Sheboygan, WI - USA

July 15th 2022 - McAuliffe´s, Racine, WI - USA

May 13th:

Outshine new album "The Awakening is out now! Go get it here: https://bfan.link/the-awakening-4

In the veins of despair, melancholy and darkness here is Outshine´s new album "The Awakening".

APRIL 2nd:

Outshine 2nd single "Our Misery" out now!

In the dark veins of dispear, here is Outshine´s 2nd single "Our Misery" from the upcoming new album "The Awakening".

Similar to their first single “It´s All Lies”, except this track is more about “our” misery, our plague. "The song is about the last few years under Covid when totalitarian movement that spread like a wildfire. All the lies, the biased mainstream media spreading fear and pushing narratives that divides people even further. But the thing is that this is not their misery, their grief. It´s everybody's misery, "Our Misery", our plague.

We think it is someone else problem and as long as I comply everything will be fine. But that is not the way, we are all in it together. We shouldn´t listen to the divisive mainstream media, elites or woke mentality that is trying to divide people and paint "scapegoats" when it is the elites and bought media that is the real plague. It´s our misery and we need to unite, we need to enlighten our fellow man to evolve and get out of this movement", says band founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jimmy Boman. More info www.outshineofficial.com

FEBRUARY 17th 2022:

Statement from Rockshots Records: "Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of Swedish goth rock/metal band Outshine for the release of their new album "The Awakening" this coming May 2022. The band has released four previous studio albums since beginning in 2007 along with multiple US tours between 2005-2014, touring with Paradise Lost twice in Europe in 2013 and 2018 plus performing over 300 shows worldwide.

Outshine has always had a vision of darkness and melancholy in a visual landscape with dark tunes accompanying them ever since the very start when founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jimmy Boman started the band.

The new songs on "The Awakening" are produced by Jimmy Boman & Kenny Boufadene at Studio Meltdown, Sweden, and were recorded and re-recorded numerous times at Grand Recordings, Gothenburg, Sweden between 2015-2019. Final recordings were done in 2020 at Studio Meltdown, Kungsbacka, Sweden.

The band had this to say about the upcoming release: "Well, “The Awakening” is about what has happened in the world during the pandemic. Covid-19 times has taken a toll on the music world and showed that in troubling times the ones in power, the elites, don´t care about the common person. The lies, corruption, hidden agendas, and the rise of fascist behaviour from both unknown and known "leaders" that expands anything we´ve seen in decades are influencing and misleading people around the world making them turn on each other. A depraved glorification of the elite that hasn´t the common human being in mind has risen. Identity politics that put people in boxes to divide us, modern segregation in the making.

Our "heroes" are lecturing us on how to think and behave despite that they are totally disconnected from the reality common people live in. This is in company with parts of the mainstream media, pushing society to silence, submission, and during the pandemic, financial disaster. The pandemic has clearly shown who gains and who is not. The poor and middle-class are getting poorer, the rich insanely rich and the politicians folding to comply to not be targeted."

"The Awakening" will feature eight dark, melancholy, film noir-ish, heavy, and gloomy tracks with more of a Sisters Of Mercy, Paradise Lost & Type O Negative feel to it with influences from 1980's horror movies soundscapes. The album will be supported with a few music videos that will have storytelling and show how everything is connected.

Boman adds: "The album's first songs are about the dark side of the pandemic and then the other songs turn more to fighting back, realizing that you yourself need to wake up and open your eyes. The final songs are about we, the common people, need to unite and fight back. Should you trust everything that is said and shown in mainstream media and TV? The idea of this record is to get the listener deep into darkness and soul-searching to awake and open their eyes. I really hope they hear, see, and feel that now; finally, all pieces are in place for what Outshine should be all about. The videos we plan to present, the sound, the lyrics, are all in sync. And that they take the lyrics to heart since they are as important as a reflection on what has happened in society the last few years during the pandemic."

Link to the official statement.

MAY 6th 2021:


Outshine has found a new home and signed a world-wide deal for our new album!

"It has been really important for us to find a good fit and finally we have. This album has so much history and are extremely important for us so want it to be released the proper way.

The theme of the album is a reflection upon the insanity we see in the world where insane movements is in play to divide people. Outshine is 100% behind freedom of speech, true democracy and freedom of expression for ALL people regardless of who you are. We need to come together as humans and stop the hatred and open our eyes on what the real issues are. The propaganda is intimidating but we have the strength together, over boundaries and different opinion, to see through it.

We´ve been through hell and back with the material on the album so it is a huge relief to finally be able to get it finalized and released."

The album will be released fall 2021 but a few singles and videos will be released the upcoming months. Stay tuned, let´s go! //Outshine"

APRIL 6th:

Outshine and all lyrics will be up on Genius: https://genius.com/artists/Outshine

The video "Nightcall" has hit 1.150.000 and "Love Is Dead" 120.000 views on Youtube. We are in the final stages of signing an world-wide deal for our new album. 


The new album is finalized, mixed and mastered! We will now start label shoping. And the video "Nightcall" has hit 860.000 views on Youtube!


"Want to express my humble gratitude to all of you that are watching and spreading the word about our latest video for the song "Nightcall". 588.403 views as we speak in 5 months is shattering everything Outshine has ever done. Thank you.

Gostaria de expressar minha humilde gratidão a todos vocês que estão assistindo e promovendo nosso último vídeo para a música "Nightcall". 588.403 visualizações enquanto falamos em 5 meses está quebrando tudo que Outshine já fez. Obrigado. // Jimmy - Outshine"

The video for "Nightcall" has shattered all Outshine records by having +588.000 views in 5 months on Youtube! Check it out on Youtube and Facebook.

The mixing of the new album is progressing anf will be finalized in the coming weeks. We are now starting the work on finding a suitable label and management.

The artwork for the new album will be done by the great Gustavo Sazes, check him out here. 

JUNE 1st:

Check out some live pics from our show in Portugal in December 2019 here. Pics by Rui M. Silva

Some news about Outshine in Norwegian, Belgium and Portugese press: Metalhammer (POR) - Permafrost (NO) - Snoozecontrol (BE) - Blogartemetal (POR)

APRIL 3rd:

Outshine release a new video for the single "Nightcall"

 As big fans of noir & melancholy movies and styles from the 1980ies, we decided to do a video for "Nightcall". The melancholy and gloomy feel is fitting perfectly in the new darker version of Outshine. 

The original song by Kavinsky is featured in the iconic movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. The video is a step towards a new album set to be released 2020.

Check it out on Youtube and Facebook.


Outshine release a new single "Nightcall"!


The melancholy and gloomy single "Nightcall" marks the first step towards the darker version of Outshine. As big fans of noir & melancholy movies and styles from the 1980ies, "Nightcall" was a perfect fit to start the new era.

The original song by Kavinsky is featured in the iconic movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. The single is the first step towards a new album set to be released 2020. Check out the single on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0DIdjKyd1xqqlW5LWw508c

Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc here: https://orcd.co/nightcall

AUGUST 13th:

Outshine confirmed for Under The Doom Festival in Lisbon, Portugal on December 6th 2019. Joining a great line-up of Paradise Lost, Alcest etc the show marks the first show where we engage in the new era of Outshine in terms of new material, new style and sound. https://www.facebook.com/events/384145832285870

JULY 13th:

News from Jimmy Boman on upcoming material, shows and other stuff here:


JULY 1st:

Latest video by Outshine "Love Is Dead", produced and filmed by Maluha Media and Joel Nilsson.

JUNE 15th:

Andreas Larsson (drums) & Pär Arvidson (guitars) has joined Outshine as session musicians.

Loads of old pics, stories and stuff from our 7 US tours and 2 UK tours will be placed on this website. Check out Pictures!

Great live review from the last UK tour:


APRIL 2nd:

Outshine works with Sound Pollution Distribution again!

To get the single out properly Outshine´s latest release "Love Is Dead" will distributed by our long-time buddies at Sound Pollution Stockholm.

The single will be available on all digital platforms nicely put together here: http://smarturl.it/love-is-dead starting today Friday April 5th 2019!

The video for the single can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQCZKf2ZLYo

You can also check out the new single directly on SPOTIFY here.

Enjoy and spread the word!